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Misadventures in AI generative content vs. real life #spiders.

Today's prompt

"A brown and tan spider on a web

in the style of Entergalactic"

(Personal) Inspiration: the Spider I caught where my fridge used to be.


I saw this little brown house spider huddled near the area I recently moved my old refrigerator from. A dark and formally damp space, this spider probably used the space under and around the fridge for good hunting.

I gently caught and released the creature, but not before a closer inspection with my camera. I also noticed the missing leg, which might explain why it was so docile. The AI generative art over-compensated for that, of course, because caught limbs are still quite human.

Based on some research, I think this is a Woodlouse spider. here are some facts about them.

  1. Woodlice connoisseurs: As their name suggests, woodlouse spiders are specialized eaters. Their diet consists almost entirely of woodlice, also known as pill bugs or sow bugs. Their strong jaws and wide bite are perfectly suited to pierce the tough exoskeleton of their prey.

  2. Six-eyed hunters: Unlike most spiders that boast eight eyes, woodlouse spiders have only six. These six eyes are arranged in a unique pattern,  providing them with a good field of view to spot woodlice scurrying around in the dark.

  3. Skip the web, embrace the hunt: Woodlouse spiders don't waste time spinning webs. They are active hunters, venturing out at night to stalk their prey in damp, warm places like under rocks, leaf litter, or even inside your house!

  4. Mom knows best: After laying her eggs in a silken sac, a mama woodlouse spider takes excellent care of her offspring.  She guards the sac and even protects the spiderlings after they hatch. This parental devotion can last up to a year!

  5. Underdogs with an attitude: Woodlouse spiders might be on the smaller side, but they pack a punch. Their large fangs allow them to subdue prey much bigger than themselves, including other spiders and centipedes.  They are not afraid to take on a challenge!


Generative platform and videos

"A brown and tan spider on a web in the style of Entergalactic"

AlbedoBase XL


YouTube Short

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