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Blue Winged Wasp! Mis-adventures Mondays #wasps

I would eventually like to get into supernatural misadventures, but it's bug season so insects, etc may be a semi-theme for Monday blogs.

Hey Bright Spirits!

It's Dusk,

Yesterday, while attending to my parents under the gazebo, I say the largest, fluffiest jumping spider I have seen in person, and in NYC no less!

I didn't get a photo.

I spent 20 mins searching around the frame and curtains on the gazebo, but I never caught another sight of it.

I lost it while running inside for my phone to capture and record the 'moment', but more importantly, for blog and social media. Truth be told, I wish I spent more time absorbing it with my eyes, and I didn't want to attempt a soft capture because I feel like that will require it on me at some point and I don't think I'm ready for that.


I've definitely stood in small swarms of today's highlighted insect:

Scoliid wasps

The blue-winged wasp (Scolia dubia) is a large, blue-black wasp with two yellow spots on its abdomen. It's also known as the two-spotted scoliid wasp and is a member of the Scoliidae family.

I've been observing this species for a couple of years now since I've cultivated wild mint that started growing my my garden area several years ago. I think peak season was around 2021, and I noticed a decline before and after the horrible Canada Wildfires in 2023. #orangeskies

hopefully, I see more this season as I grow the mint out as much as possible and I can get new pictures and videos of this type of wasp.

For now, I have enough to inspire some generative work to complement (but not outdo) nature's design.

Platforms used:


Basic Prompt

a blue-black wasp with two yellow spots on its abdomen, a wild mint flower

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