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Life as a Business owner and #socialeconomic app developer, thoughts on The World, Society, #June #worldchange #ai

Updated: Jun 5

Hey, Bright Spirits!

I'm reshuffling the lineup to better accommodate one core initiative: 'Project Diadem.'

Since it's the biggest and most important project t we're trying to launch, it's in everyone's best interest to design the platform around that goal by expressing and producing content that better parallels with our brand and attitude cornerstones-


Self-evolution, Systemic revolution.

It's hard for us to not be guided by those tenets as we feel humanity around us intellectually devolve while also being in times where we have literal world-improving tools that are being managed to infringe on copywrites before finding a fucking cure for ANYTHING.

It's quite absurd, the more I learn and interact with some of these futuretools the more I realize -along with specific others- things about humanity that deeply and personally trouble me.

No wonder I'm all in with AI, but with one condition; accessibility to program my own.

And I have it.

Dangerous/pioneering times we live in, more than most Americans realize beyond fear and politics.

Naturally, money equals accessibility in the a.i programming scenario, but even with one subscription service, I can literally program an “AI agent” to work fully on my behalf for customer interactions.

I'm a #smallbusiness owner with not enough time for my creative and philosophical work because I'm doing things I can program an AI for. This is one biased but relatable scenario for how LLMs and “ai” should work on behalf of the individual, yet here we are, not quite what we feared but close enough when it comes to how to misuse great power; capitalism via infringement and consumerism.

The big question we should all be striving to answer could be any of the following:

  1. How does this directly improve my life and my family?

  2. Can this cure cancer?

  3. Can this make life better for everyone?

My point is,

What's the point of having yet another super technology when it never really fixes preexisting conditions? It's as if billions of people don't live on a planet where we're suffocating in poverty and #microplastics and the best we can do is Top Actors suing AI companies while the government scrabbles against themselves with regulations.

The child in my spirit is so disappointed by both my personal reality and that of the society around me.

I hope most people don't get it,

ignorance is bliss,

If you're a fish being flushed

Can you really tell the dif?

If you understand what I'm talking about in any global and local context please understand this;

My only choice is to try and change things (for myself and the community I care about) for the better or die trying. So, here we are. A refocus on core initiatives, though art is a part of life and that will be expressed in branded forms, but our main goal is to build our own #futuretool using all this fun and scary tech to produce a basic passive income with digital presence (to ironically free us up to live and individually benefit more).

I'm team #Universalbasicincome, meanwhile, they have us paying for contaminated fuji water because the American dream is all about choices.

Join me in turning #socialeconomics into a new system, invest a dollar or two, subscribe for free to support our Research and development & revenue Potential, and let's Build a new system that works for Us.

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