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Misadventures of Dusk108 Mondays

“A great way to get to know someone is through their stories

….and I've always been full of them.”


Welcome, bright spirits! This blog/Clip series is a sci-fi blend of reality and creative license. Think of it as a mischievous wink at the world, where fact and fiction tango in a delightful dance. While some events might echo real-life happenings, names, characters, dialogue, and certain details may have been playfully massaged to heighten the, ahem, entertainment value.
So, buckle up and prepare for a misadventurous exploration – where the lines between truth and playful storytelling might just get a little blurry. But hey, isn't that part of the fun?

I didn't know if I wanted to produce this as a blog, book, story video series, or some other variant of telling my misadventures from a narrative that honors the spirit of finding adventure and life lessons through strange circumstances amongst often overwhelming odds, or more precisely all the ways I find myself in over my head and have to use my unique thinking and creativity to 'adventure' my way out.

What to expect from this blog?

 It's my way of telling my story and experiences and I hope not only to entertain but to inform in a way that contributes to the unification of a community. What better way to connect than from shared experiences? Here is me sharing mine, with all the needed 'twists'.

What to expect for the Project?

I will be using not only monologues and narrative styles of telling a tale, but also relevant art, poetry, and other media I produce throughout my journeys and experiences. Oh and also YouTube shorts. At the very least I can tie in my animations to what inspired the concept. I personally love it when I hear the narrative of a piece of art from the artist. I'll try my best to honor the platforms of expression I include as representing the misadventures of Dusk 108.

First, I will start with a couple of general categories a guided metaphor to help categorize some of the content.

  • Jack of trades (electrical, building, maintenance, cleaning, computer sciences)

  • Hood Constantine (occult, religions, philosophical light, and dark, covens, investigations)

  • Creative (foil art, poetry, illustrations, storytelling, filmmaking, digital design...)

  • Science and Tech

  • Mind, body, spirit, Martial arts concepts in practice.

  • Dating, relationships, intimacy

Those broadly cover skills I've gained from associated experiences in life. and can be thought of as 'misadventures in...' (insert card here, in theory). I've also flown a Helicopter, which is my personal favorite experience and one that, despite doing it once, you will likely hear referenced several times, and no reason other than finding a way to mention it during my (mis) adventures.

Join this adventure and exploration into fantasy filtered, interesting take on what life has to offer!


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