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#Misadventures: Hounds at our wheels. #bronx #veryshort #story #dogs

One of my favorite pastimes as a child was when my friends and I would antagonize a pack of stray dogs...

...and race through the South Bronx on our bikes with the hounds behind us.

We were 11.
The Dogs definitely ruin one or two of our bicycles.

Pretty sure one of us needed and received shots.
Do not attempt.


Hey Bright Spirits!

This is the official first actual story for the series (The Misadventures of Dusk108) If you are brand new and missed the 1st blog that explains what this series is all about;

BTS this entry.

I started very short for this week, and I have several 'misadventure' tales formatted as such. Originally they were designed for narration over video shorts, and I will still do those as well. You can find it on my YouTube channel as shorts and released on the same day as the blog once I get into the production rhyme of short visual storytelling.

Now, I also have whole pages of just one story, as well as shorts written into multiple parts. This means each week will have its unique format based on the context, etc.

Consider Subscribing or following any of the social platforms to stay reminded of premieres and related content.

The next story could be anything from black magic to cooking fails and may or may not be hella long so don't get complacent with expectations but please do enjoy and return for more!

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