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Life and Business Update: New AI assistance, General World view, #life #technology #businessowner #human

Hey Bright Spirits,

It's Dusk!

and it's important I make that clear distinction in the world of AI and generative identities. Speaking of; OM is official. Our AI agent for, They/Her/She/It represents the collection of Ai and generative assets I used to assist in the creation and management of general content.

Here's the official intro video below

Specifically, OM is a Hybrid AI Agent hosted on D-ID Studios. Which, I just realized is a pretty edgy name, given its association with a mental illness.

It's almost in bad taste when you consider what the platform does, as well as how I use it. So I guess it's also fitting to that end as well. I also credit other system and platform tools under OM, which in the case of one of Aurorasoul's most recent blog posts about regenerative agriculture. I'm still wrapping my head around the feature but basically, the blog itself now has generative options for whole blogs, and based on platform aesthetics.

Honestly, I have no reason not to post every day, if I didn't mind depending on a few prompts and a quick dit for all my associated content needs. I do kinda mind, but I see the benefit of considering general use for facts, news updates, and quoting reaching.

The Use of AI should be highlighted as a general utility for communicating News, Education facts, and quoting resources. I was debating how to use it in storytelling. For example; I like it as a narrator for science fiction, but not so much for my poetry, as I believe speaking it is part of the performance.

Unless a person can't, then having their work brought to life via AI assistance is part of what it means to have abundance and opportunity.

Continued to join me and judge for yourself if this Platform (and others) are using AI responsibly.


World View.

I think society is becoming dumber, and we are even creating Dumb AIs, which may be a bigger existential threat than a cognitively logical and relatable system.


Personal Life.

My top priority is the health and comfort of my parents and the rehabilitation of my Father. After that and most important to my personal life endeavor is the continued proliferation of as a platform to help Build the World I want to live in.


That's it for now, stop by again soon for more follow-ups!

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