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Trending topics in medical science and technology this month: #CRISPR #AllergyTreatment #VibratingMolecule

Here are some trending topics in medical science and technology this month:

Medical Science:

  • Overcoming food allergies: Scientists have discovered a safe and effective way to overcome allergies in older children using sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), which involves controlled allergen exposure. (

  • AI in healthcare: There's an ongoing discussion about the potential and challenges of using artificial intelligence in various aspects of healthcare, from diagnosis to treatment. (


Medical Technology:

  • Ultrasound advancements: Researchers are pushing the boundaries of ultrasound technology, with developments like low-frequency ultrasound for improving blood oxygenation and ultrafast technology for enhanced imaging. (


Remember, these are just a few examples, and medical science news can move quickly. Keep an eye on reputable sources like ScienceDaily, Medscape, and Nature for the latest breakthroughs.


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