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Science and technology highlights: Solar innovations, Fighting Cancer, slowing aging with T cells, and more.

Scroll some of the stories from science and tech that we've highlighted across our platform this month. Let us know which development personally intrigues you and why so we can have a better idea what angle you would like us to look at when it comes to science and technology's impact on our society.

Vibrating Molecules with light to destroy cancer cells!

In a promising breakthrough, scientists have developed a technique using "vibrating molecules" to destroy cancer cells! This new method zaps cancer cells with near-infrared light, causing tiny medical imaging molecules to vibrate rapidly. These vibrating molecules act like microscopic jackhammers, rupturing the cancer cell membranes in lab tests. Early results are impressive, with researchers achieving a 99% kill rate against melanoma cells. While still in the early stages, this technique has the potential to offer a new weapon in the fight against cancer!

Solar Power Beamed From Space: A First for Earth

In a major breakthrough, scientists have successfully beamed power down to Earth from a satellite in space for the very first time! This experiment involved transmitting solar energy collected in space back down to Earth using microwaves. This technology has the potential to revolutionize energy delivery, especially for remote areas. However, the project is still in its early stages.

CRISPR Gene Editing Revolution! 🧬 #science #future #medicine

The world of gene editing is exploding with new possibilities! This article explores the latest advancements in CRISPR technology, a powerful tool that can alter our genes. One major challenge is delivering these gene therapies effectively. In vivo editing, or editing genes directly within the body, could make treatments more widely available. Researchers are hard at work on solutions, like using engineered viruses to deliver CRISPR's tools or editing stem cells before they mature. CRISPR is even being used to improve biofuel production! This is just a glimpse of the exciting potential of CRISPR technology. Head over to the full article to learn more!

Websites reviewed

An obesity pill that vibrates?

From tech, MIT scientists are working on a vibrating obesity pill, that can curb food consumption by 40%, based on animal testing. How do you feel about ingestible sensors and even micro-robotic systems?

New thermoelectric energy innovation can harvest body heat to power your tech!

A research team from (the Energy Conversion Materials Research Center,) Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI), has made body heat energy a more effective power source. their thermoelectric generator innovation makes thier power production density more than 20 times higher than the world’s current best. This technology can greatly reduce the need for separate batteries for wearable tech.

Re-Programming T Cells to slow down aging?!

Scientific researchers from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have discovered a way to genetically reprogram T cells, a type of white blood cell, to combat aging. No, this isn't the plot from Resident Evil, though we recommend learning more about the practical research at the links below

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