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Thoughts on the social psychology of Juneteenth.

(Dusk's) Thoughts about institutions and Capitalism
I don't believe any institution whose business model is 'For profit' first, can in good action or conscious be assets to the integrity of any singular community, without compromising that integrity.
I say this, because despite there being avenues of innovation in health and technology that could not only improve everyone's general quality of life, as well as produce less toxins (to say the less), not enough who can initiate that change, wants to invest in it.

There isn't enough profit in the improvement of Humankind in a sense that may fundamentally matter more than the improvement of the consumer experience.

Everything is for sale, after all, even if it's natural.

If we lived in doomed microcities because of environmental hazards, I can easily imagine being taxed for fresh air.

Imagine being billed by the group that stole your existential right to breathe in the world you were born in.

The cost of living as comfort is grossly uncomfortable.

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