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Space-themed Background Video, Cosmic Flowers, and Subscriber section. Updates!!!

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Hey Bright Spirits,

Before we get to the list of updates, check in with the video of the week:

Click the image above to bookmark our latest background video for your ambient, abstract moods, and Please Subscribe to help support all of our work!

Now our list of Updates in-the-works.
  • Subscriber Sections, Paid and Free.

  • Services for Hire

  • Gallery of the week: Cosmic Flowers.


Subscriptions to

Part of the core theme and motivation behind as a business is about helping individuals discover, improve and evolve via education and resources. As such, we are developing a monthly subscription for members who can benefit from having access to themed assets associated with our brand and initiatives.

This includes templates for;

  • financial organization, goal setting

  • science-based lesson plans, Technology Infographics

as well as

  • downloadable ebooks as they are released.

Not to mention access to quality images and video elements from our growing library of produced content, and special projects like BTS access to our app development (2 different applications), and a limited sci-fi blog series ('Echoes in the Consciousness') exclusive to

All for $1 a month, and you can cancel anytime.

Anyone who signs up for free prior to the change will be given the option to search or remain a free member, which will evolve with the development and release of the aurorasoul app.


Services for Hire

We've updated our design and development services to include Prompt Engineering as it not only reflects our current certification goals but the necessity of adaptation within our field and these bright emerging industries.


This is a good lead into the work we've developed recently. Please enjoy this week's release and Subscribe. subscribe. subscribe (YouTube is Free)

Cosmic Spirit Space Flower

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