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Quick check in with; CV templates, coloring pages, new subscriber sections!

Hi Bright Spirits!

I honestly don't know where to start.

It's been a couple of months since my last post on the platform I built. I wonder how much of what happens behind the scenes, in my personal, professional, and social lives, matters to this platform, this audience, and our community.

what I've concluded -as of writing this- is that the experiences matter even if the stories aren't told.

We grow, work with, and react based on our experiences.

( Some things my growth has taught and shown me)

  • I value education in economic systems and natural sciences far more.

  • Reality, with Humans, feels bizarre and surreal.

  • Take people for who they are.

  • Understanding symbiotic relationships means accepting what works and ignoring what doesn't.


We will launch our galleries for the subscription side of our platform.

What to expect?

  • Templates for CVs, Lesson Plans, and Portfolios

  • Themed Coloring Pages and books

  • Full Teaching Plans (Inspired by Phenonmena Based Learning)

  • short ebooks

Our goal is to build up a database of usable digital assets for our monthly subscribers.

Samples: Scroll below for themed coloring page samples. they include Zodiac signs, Floral Mandalas, fantasy landscapes, and more!

Most of our current productions will continue with business as usual. This includes weekly science updates, economic news and tutorials, and some sci-fi based creative visual content.

It's best to become a free site member so you can receive a weekly email of live updates. the next level will be a paid subscription, which will give you access to our full digital gallery.

Let us know your thoughts about the samples above and if you would like any themes to be included in our next batch of generative, themed coloring pages.

Thanks for reading this and staying with us as we ease back into a routine while gearing up for new adventures in creative and informative media!

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