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New Cancer Detection, Self healing metals, and a material stronger then steel.

WEBLynks Science and Tech

AI helps to improve Cancer detection.

Ai and Radiologists team up for a 20% improvement in breast cancer detection.

“Preliminary results from a Swedish trial showed that artificial intelligence is helping radiologists reduce their workload and detect more cases. ( “ The researchers looked at scans from more than 80,000 women. The screenings supported by AI resulted in a cancer detection rate of 6 per 1,000 screened women, compared with 5 per 1,000 with the standard approach.


Scientists Discover Metals That Can Heal Themselves.

In a groundbreaking discovery, scientists have observed metal spontaneously healing its microscopic cracks, upending traditional material theories. This observation could lead to self-healing machines, significantly enhancing their safety and lifespan.


Scientists Create New Material Five Times Lighter and Four Times Stronger Than Steel

Inspired by iron man?

From, Researchers from the University of Connecticut and colleagues have created a highly durable, lightweight material by structuring DNA and then coating it in glass. The resulting product, characterized by its nanolattice structure, exhibits a unique combination of strength and low density, making it potentially useful in applications like vehicle manufacturing and body armor. “I am a big fan of Iron Man movies, and I have always wondered how to create a better armor for Iron Man. says Seok-Woo Lee, a materials scientist at UConn.



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