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We're designing a platform where your profile is a hub for individual achievement and passive revenue, all using the same data you share for free on social media platforms. 

The Social Economics App




Invest in You, we will build the system.

Project Diadem is the ID for a social economics app designed using current social and e-commerce technologies within an innovative integration platform designed to leverage your digital presence as a one-of-a-kind virtual asset. 

Invest in You, we will build the system.


More Than a Concept

We’re working with our experts in the fields of e-commerce,  and blockchain technology, and with the guidance of seasoned and progressive economic and investing professionals to understand all the dynamics of building a new platform design around the complete benefit of the Real individual, by putting your data to work for your interest and pursuits, while generating revenue in the virtual.

It's the way things should be.


Much of our Real world is run and determined across virtual data and based on the integrity of the institutions collecting and distributing it. We’ve all seen ‘Cookie’ and data-sharing pop-ups, but how much of that system are you actively a part of? Current systems ask for permission because your data, and objections to its use, are one of the most valuable global collective monetizable resources of our times, and that's compared to Gold*

The Value of Data

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