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What is the future of AI and how should it be used? (short version)

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

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This is how I imagine most people will be using AI, LLM, and Generative Art assets:

An accent to our development process. Artificial Intelligence tool to express intentions. A means to an end.

Though, The fear of viewing the expression of ART as just something an algorithm can manipulate for a result parallel with, but an alternative to the appreciation of art as a human expression is a justifiable one.

Yet Innovation should be swayed by human sensitivity. Feeling challenged by our creation instead of enthused by the potential it allows our own evolution for self-expression is a lose/lose situation. Not because AI art should matter but instead, the adaptability of such resources should be applied in areas fundamental to the improvement of Human experiences.

  • Improving our Health

  • Establishing a wider, genuine commonwealth

  • Create virtual spaces for education and engagement

  • Cosmic Exploration and Ship Design

  • How to improve the environment

What are your thoughts about a.i and its place in society and where would you like to see its innovations applied?

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