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How would you explain the concept of 'Human Dark Matter' ?

Updated: Jan 30

What does Human Dark Matter Mean to you?

(besides it being our namesake, considering scientifically and/or metaphysically)

The unseen that makes us (h/H)uman

Or is it


Speaking as the author who moonlights as a philosopher, The idea of the unseen yet essential cognitive and 'spiritual' (as relating a range of sensations from 'Gut feelings' to sensations of surreality) reactions working parallel to our known and understood dynamics of what it means to be Human, is what I would call the 'dark matter' of our being.


Perhaps our 'dark matter' is consciousness.

Or perhaps it is genetically abstract, some force working with other forces known to us, but unrelated to how we understand our relationships within natural systems.

The proposal is all the same; what, if any extra dimension composes our understanding of existence? what instincts of cosmic foundations help explain or account for how, until proven otherwise, unique being Human is?

Ideas, concepts, and questions; I hope they stimulate a fresh blossom of perspective.

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