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Overview and General Thoughts

Regarding the news about cellular longevity: It boils down to roughly understanding which elements within a cell need toggling in relation to cell aging. Its a way of using the cell's own code to reprogram it. I hope that isn't an oversimplification, but it does represent the general approach, as I gather from reading further into the study and the researcher's experiments with Yeast Cells.

The technique seems approachable enough for modern practical utility. Perhaps ten years from now anyone can walk into a local 'City MD' and roll back the cellular clock a few years, every couple of years, for a premium of course.


Divergent thought processes and the study that illustrates neurological differences in the minds of indifferently lonely individuals is a personal breakthrough in proof of concept. that study reinforces the idea of how differently a mind can respond and operate, regardless of common or standard social stimuli.

I don't want to give more away here, and even beyond our video about it, browse our source article and come to your own interpretation of the study, its technique, the results established from the implementation of the study, and how they produced supporting visual data ( spoiler alert, it was via brain scans of the subjects).

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