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Being Human: My Business, Personal Life, and Broader Thoughts (some Conscious stuff); Leap Year Edition -Check in!

Hey, bright spirits!

it's me, Dusk108...

-and this is going to be a pretty chaotic blog entry, if for no other reason than I don't post enough and Im catching up the best way I know how; Randomness.

Here's a list so you can jump to any sections that interest you.

Day in my Life

Here's a look at my life and schedule, as I would have it.

As you may see, my life -the one I aspire to live anyhow- revolves around the production and development of creative and professional ventures, in which I fuel

When my schedule is met with success; I feel deeply accomplished and personally fulfilled to a point where I feel my self-identity, if that makes any sense to you.

Now, I can tell you that Im far from meeting the needs of my schedule that I want to meet. There are a lot of common factors like

  • imposter syndrome

  • depression

  • general states of near hysteria that i coast though

You know, general life sucka'ry stuff. Yet what I can say that is surprisingly simple and not included in the common list is that often I realize that I know just enough to do in order to reach a cliff before a fall. The missing pieces, the second, 3rd, and 1st thoughts on rotation when I try and make sense of what course of action makes sense.

Im basically at a point where I'm limited, period.

Resources and actual ability, so my schedule reflects the production value of a full-time job that doesn't pay but changes 'my world', as I try to impact the broader one we share.

I guess that's it, no major point or revelation behind anything I say in this blog outside of stating facts that I hope to offer some relatable comfort for the hustling game changers out there, struggling to support themselves while working to change the World.

What do I mean by changing the World?

Well, In case I never made it clear;

I want to help build better individuals.

I deeply value the concept of STEAM and believe it needs to continue well into adulthood. I see things move so fast within our society, for better but I think, for mostly worse, and it starts with ignorant, misguided masses. Like a tsunami of intellectual miasma, Society and the economic structure of our civilization reward entertainment arts and athletes over life-changing ANYTHING else. We know and participate in this structure by default.

Politics are increasingly asinine and off-point, while politicians all too often represent the counter-interest or are just in constant opposition with 'the other side' just because that's how they do business.

I'm saying it's all absurd.

With all of that said; I aspire to education and provide opportunities and myself and my business as a resource. As such, I hope I'm creating enough value to earn subscriber funding, as a start. Eventually, I will need actual partners and investors to support the development of Project: Daidem, the social Economics app platform that currently represents my best idea for practical life-changing implications.


Recent Cooking

I've cooked breakfast more consistently these last couple of weeks and it's mainly to accommodate the diet of my parents. This happened to also be a perfect excuse to prepare healthier meals and completely rule out fast foods from their diets.

I like the semi-homemade approach, though there are several things I can prepare from scratch. Here are a few of my culinary excursions this week, and FYI the photos are not to my standard, I legit need new and upgraded gear across the board so please forgive the blan pic quality.

What you're looking at, in no real order btw, are spinach and feta omelets, blueberry, and banana pancakes, I honestly don't recall if I 'bedazzled' the waffles, but I was happy to make use of the waffle iron. Some grits, oatmeal topped with honey-coated bananas, and chicken tenders, though the chicken chunks in a light gravy coating over veggies and brown rice were better, even though I made them at the same time. I also have a random tuna macaroni salad in the mix.

All my recent cooking is low to no sodium added and designed around my parent's diet.

Oh, I forgot the hash and fruit salads, as well as that side of seasoned avocado by the pancakes.

I want to experiment with other dishes too, just to keep an interesting, but diverse enough menu where it's engaging to cook while not being easy to ruin.


Generative Creativity

Besides coloring pages, I've created all manner of conceptual, surreal visuals using generative models often based on my hand-drawn sketches and finished works. Here are a few things that Im working into other projects. I guess it's a BTS, which is important because despite the chaos, I strive for structure, so a lot of my works, goals, expressions, and ambitions tie together the Mosiac frame of a dreamcatcher.

What you're looking at are several design and style references for characters based on as a philosophy that can be developed into stories.

Also notable is the trickster god from African mythology.

Eshu: the Divine Trickster

Our goal is to produce more explorative and creative media based on African mythology. Eshu is one of a dozen we're taking some time to develop into infographics, coloring pages, and other forms of content.



I need a small team and some investors to support my ventures enough to produce all the content I want for this platform while having help to expand and fine-tune said content, with funding, and growth for all.

I'm investing everything into something representing how we can change everything. I also feel I could do it relatively cost-effectively, how far I can get with monthly scraps being a nice case study.

The 3 Faces Of O.M

I've developed virtual hosts to help define 3 major sectors/genres in which I'm developing media for STEAM, Economics, and Sci-fi/Fantasy-Newage (yes I include those into their subgenre.).

Science and Technology Economics and Community New Age and fantasy/sci-fi

The hope is that each dedicated host helps separate the segments while browsing our social video platforms.


It really comes down to trying to use AI and generative, LLM resources responsibly (ie no infringements) while maintaining creativity and professional integrity across artist and design communities.




Here we have a screenshot of my YouTube music homepage as of late. the two standouts for me are SPELLLING and CHELSEA WOLFE and if music is like an avatar for the soul; well, those artists pretty much make me feel more at home. I can't say rap or hip-hop takes up much of my normal. Living in Queens, NY I hear those genres regardless of mood or interest so I rarely have to seek it on my playlist, except for specific artists and alternative, indie, and blended forms of hip-hop.


My current top 4 that I enthusiastically listen to weekly.

Conversations about the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power.

A podcast that explores the systems science underpinning the human predicament.

A thrice-weekly podcast offering Scott's fresh and irreverent perspective. Market news, Business, and economics

"Bring the universe down to Earth"

What I'm watching.

A lot of MMA, some anime, and Halo on Paramount Plus, Netflix (in general), and a lot of YouTube.

Outside of MMA, I don't really follow entertainment to a point where I feel as if I 'missed out'

out something anymore. Frankly, I know in these current times and with my personality and goals as there are, most of the entertainment feels absurd to watch.

The same goes for most sports. Once an industry and those individuals start banking multi-millions in the US watching them achieve their personal dreams on stages that give nothing to the grand scheme of our survival and prosperity, well I can't help but find it more distracting and discouraging than escapism.

Still beats watching the news any day though. (unless it's like 'Realtime', for 'last week tonight', The Breakfast Club type of content. )


Thoughts on my personal life, society, and the pursuit of happiness.

Despite the title, I really don't know what to say here, and it's not for a lack of experiences and events, it's more so the result of being tired and disappointed.

Socially I know I need to do way better with the people who are relevant in my life, and I, theirs. I want to be important enough, respected enough to not get stood up. I realize that people become less reliable as a living commentary for the state of the world. Individual responsibilities are easier to excuse broadly. ghosting is still a trend, and most folks in the online dating community spend too much time with red flag warnings and less time talking about who they are.

this of course is prompted by what they feel is a necessity based on their devolving experiences.

My general, down -to -Earth attitude now is;

  • I get it, but it's no excuse.

  • Show, then tell.

  • build, or bounce

  • Adapt or Die *

To clarify: Adaptation is always towards symbiosis. Systemic symbiosis, looks like universal health care and basic income, for example. so anyone for that, and those who agree to be a part of that, are 'adaptors'. I can't forget ecologic symbiosis on a systemic level. Even without Wars, so many systems are fundamentally inadequate and unviable to the point where the long game harms humans, the environment, or both more (plastics, but are we even surprised? ).

My view of the World, society, and my role in it can be summed up with the following bullet points:

  • A lot of people have statistically lower IQs than what the norm should be, and/or they are sheep-minded, headed by media competing with one another more than contributing to the success of Humankind. (Because things that help us are typically underdeveloped, underfunded, and out of context with the system it would have to work with.)

  • I want to help who I can, based on the community in which I best fit. I want to educate, but not 'convince' and I want to surround myself with people who offer value to the World many of us want and can build if given the network and resources.

I guess that will do it, for now. I kinda like the way this worked out but let me know if you like it by sharing!

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