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White light absorbed by floating orbs collection: Free download!

Hey, Bright Spirits!

It has been some time since we've released a themed downloadable gallery, so to catch up, here are a few recent 'power orb' themed images, and in 2 sizes depending on your use for them, as well as 10 quick animations for each color orb style.

Roughly 10 different images, 10 animations, and a few larger copies mixed in.

32 assets in total.

Here's what we will be using in our portfolio or on the website's homepage soon.

Our fav's (because, of the colors of course).

Preview gallery

Downloadable zip file.

Reminder: There are 10 short animations along with 22 images. If you have to delete the file for size reasons, you can always come back in redownload from this free version of our subscription blog.

White light absorbed by Orb (2)
Download ZIP • 47.22MB

We would love feedback and requests, follow any of our socials to engage or send us an email.

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