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We Talk #Twitch music artist, and react to the writer's strike.

All the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Projects Impacted by the Writers Strike (So Far)

Check out Dusk108 YouTube for a short reaction video for this Gizmodo update about the writers' strike and the shows that will be impacted.


Let's talk #twitch, because that's what Im on while writing (and editing) this.

Shout out to my favorite 420-friendly streamer and DJ musicbysahar .

I will cover her and others and others in future post, so start exploring and stay caught up with some of these 'highlightably-expressive' individuals.


If you were on around the new year, you may have seen our 'starting the New Year's music highlights. If you didn't see, or generally have little idea what's happening rn, let us explain that most of those blogs featuring all of our previously explored music and indie artists' entries are locked behind a pay wall on our former hosting service.

The good news is our favorite entry was backed up and so we would like to present:

(Musician and performer, Sabrina solo)


A necessary commentary on the fidelity of existence, while celebrating the infinity of freedom.

Sabrina Solo's latest EP uses Rock, metaphor, and literal existential mechanics to express a range of reactions over the more disillusioned aspects of philosophical living.

One example of this can be experienced with the Track, 'They Lied', where the artist highlights the luxury of ignorance for those who can afford to be in one way or another.

'What you don't know won't hurt you '

Anyone living by this motto is an example of a life counterintuitive to change, growth, and exploration. All of this contrasts the modern notion of what makes being human any type of special.

I personally appreciate the energy and honesty from this track, which felt like a splint into the light that over-illuminates the bullshit many of us tell ourselves, in exchange for wisdom and self-acceptance.

Excuses are another way we lie to ourselves.

The self-admit favorite among her tracks, Sabrina's 'Burns You' is a reality check for those pursuing a greater calling with equal opportunity for some form of failure to crash into your resolve.

As a long-time fan of theirs, I can begin to understand why this track would be Solo's highlighted offering, as they've always been sincere about career trajectories as well as opportunities that came and went with nothing left in their wake but disappointment. Despite it all however Sabrina Solo has continuously engaged in evolving her media as well as challenging her performance credentials in the form of her weekly live streams on Twitch. This is further accentuated when you consider she is a one-woman band at her core and accented by a supporting partner who is as musically technical as he is dedicated to the overall craft of her brand.

If there is ever a bigger highlight of course her career it is the fact that she is genuine and passionate about her creative expressions in music. A uniquely talented cover artist, Sabrina Solo's original work always testifies on behalf of her dedication, while her dark and welcoming twisted sense of humor overlays the meaning of each verse with consideration to the 1st and last tracks.

  • In the end

  • We'll all Die

A matter of fact that on the surface can read like a melancholy affirmation of human fidelity. I however recognize that the messages in between, and most importantly are the ones that inspire us to make the absolute best of our time and energy as individuals pursuing our true selves. This perhaps is the meaning of life after all in something that makes it all worthwhile even if we are the only ones who know about it.

(So stop Killing Time, and find a way to live 😉)

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