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"Unlock Your Creativity with 15 Free Music Clips DLC for Your Projects"

Hey Bright Spirits!

Let's cover the basics of what to expect from this addition of our new Weekly Monday Free DLC Blog:

  • 15 free music clips (created with Splashpro / Splash Music)

  • It can be used for Personal and Commercial use

  • The full catalog (over 180 music clips) can be downloaded for $1!

I create a lot of general content and resources on a weekly basis and about 80% goes unused. Even after I overview and edit -which sometimes results in me producing even more content- I'm still left with more than I typically need or want to use and post.

As such, Im curating more of it into DLC content. Each Monday I will post some Free DLC and likely link it to the growing digital Dollar Store I'm slowly putting together on site. I also have a Subscribers section allowing members to download as much as they want for $1 a month.

To start things off, I'm posting our Spashpro music gallery as a $1 download, and featuring 15 free clips as a sample of what to expect from the full catalog. If you don't want to download all 186 music clips (60mb approx), consider a dollar monthly subscription where you can access all of our DLC in bulk or as individual files as we organize and release them.

Listen and Download it Below.

Tension Terrorized 146bpm song

Summoning Shadows 97

_Melancholy 65bpm song

Stellar Serenity 125bpm song

Lively Echoes 90bpm song

Melancholy Oasis 3 135bpm song

Melancholy Manor 3 128bpm song

Galactic Odyssey 115bpm song

Enchanting Driftopalooza__ 90bpm song

Downtempo DAC 4 165bpm song

Astro Labiclimate 3 60bpm song

Cozy Lullaby 70bpm song

Battle Ballad 87

Astro Labiclimate 62

Chill Zen 128bpm song


Here's a music-reactive animation we made with Melancholy Oasis 3


an oasis of swirling blue and yellow nebula in the style of beautiful, dark pastels, deep space, faded, 70s, graffiti, glitch art, (geometric:0.8) 0:11

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