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Twitch streamer of the Month, plus an anime pick! Back to Black, Fate Series.


Continuing or Twitch Streamer Highlight of the Month, let's take a look at some of our favorite originals and covers from Lizz Vega.

'Back To Black' Amy Winehouse Cover

This is one of those tracks you will have to request on twitch. Would I love about said request, is that depending on the mood of the Artist, She may not fore fill it if she feels the current vibe would dishonor the song. This is rare, of course, and when she plays from her shared love of the track, it is truly exquisite.

You, Lizz Vega Original

Creep - Radiohead (Soulful Cover) Lizz Vega


Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole


Need some ambiance?

Ambient sci-fi / Fantasy Music [BEYOND ATMOSPHERIC] Relaxing LOTR & Blade Runner Inspired Music

This 8-hour playlist is perfect for losing all sense of consciousness or self, depending on your practice.

Feel free to comment to as much as you need and don't feel obligated to explore the full set, its all ambient after all.



Fate Apocrypha

whats high about it:

The premise of historical figures and legends being accessible as servants in battles over a holy grail.

Now, be warned that this series is a part of a more extensive series within the 'Fate/" anime universe. We can only speak for Season 1 and a little of Season 2 as we are still watching it.

How to watch?

Google each character/heroic hero as they are revealed. Keeping in mind they are representations of figures like Kings and crusaders, demi-gods of myth, and even historical gladiators, part of my fun while watching is paring this knowledge and immersing into the world of say, King Auther as a genre-swabbed heroic spirit fighting on behalf of some semi-shady mage.

That reference applies to Fate/Stay Night. The 1st (?) installment of the over archer series.

In fact, maybe just start that instead and save yourself any future confusion, or be a rebel and watch it out of any presumed order as I've accidentally been doing.

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