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The Dusk108 Show, Science and Tech headlines, Plus Social Economic App update.

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Hey bright Spirits,

It's been a week, a busy and productive week, since our relaunch. Naturally, Im not as far as I want or need to be but my general content creation demands were pleasantly met and will be linked across this entry for your enjoyment.

I would like to talk about a few things I've learned, and a couple of new questions I've discovered in my pursuit to find a deeper meaning for my creative and professional endeavors.

What I (re)discovered was my pursuit to evolve via the expansion of knowledge and resources. This is something, an opportunity I want for everyone I can reach because I know that part of what makes us great is our ability to adapt and self-actualize.

Far easier said than done, but with a little guidance, and accessible knowledge pools, and the use of quality resources, we can build ourselves and our communities into something we should have been all along...

On that note of semi-cryptic philosophy, let me introduce you to this entry's episode of our Human dark matter podcast.

Thoughts on Self Evolution, what's holding us back, and Humanity in contrast with reality.

I like to pace myself while I consider ideas and perspectives at the time of recording. Somethings the ideas stem from thoughts that have evolved over time, while some occasions feature topics that I semi-develop with resources to refer the audience to.

If you're feeling more down to earth, I would recommend this edition of shorts surrounding topics and news in the fields of Science, Technology, and Economics.

WEBlynks Science &Tech and AJE Economics


Our Short

Article Source

Your Productivity vs. How much your boss makes. #economics

Our Short

Article Source

The Dusk 108 Show

As much as I love the long form (20-30 minutes), this is probably the last episode over 22 minutes until I get help editing. In reality, this means I won't have to record several segments at once, which is how I typically put the episode together despite the segments being Hella dif from each other.

Same with blogging. I think this format is best converted to a newsletter, while I blog on singular, focused topics. Yup, you've just read my thoughts and planning in real time!

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