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Sleep Token, Twitch Streamer of the Month, Plus tracks of the week.


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This week:

Album Highlight

Take Me Back To Eden

Sleep Token

Take Me Back to Eden is the third studio album by English rock band Sleep Token. Produced by the band's frontman Vessel with Carl Bown, it was released on 19 May 2023 by Spinefarm Records. Wikipedia
Artist: Sleep Token
Release date: May 19, 2023
Genre: Progressive metal; djent; pop; R&B
Length: 63:26
Studio: Treehouse Studio; (Chesterfield, UK)

So far the tracks I've lost and found myself within during the last two weeks of listening have been the title track, 'Take me Back to Eden', and 'Ascensionism.' The individual singles were promptly consumed upon each release, and with that in mind, I will say Im do for an outdoors full album session, but outdoors is full of Canadian wildfire smoke this week.


Twitch Streamer of the MONTH


I'm a Self Taught Musician from Los Angeles. I became a musician in 2015. I taught myself how to play the Guitar, Harp, Piano and how to sing. I am a strong believer that you can do anything you set your mind to. My mission is to show you that believing in yourself is a repercussion of self expression....

I've been a subscriber to her on Twitch for about 13 months and her music has kept me company during times like right now as Im writing this, and during other general initiatives at my desktop. Come back to this Blog each week to experience more of this artist and my thoughts about their music. It's also her birthday month so great time to show support on Twitch, Spotify, and more!


Tracks of the Week

'Back to Black' Live acoustic

How great is her voice?! This was my first time hearing this version of Back to Black, and it was a fresh taste of an artist who I sincerely wish was still on this plan with us. #irreplacable.


'Crawling Into You'

Soul Blind is a four-piece alternative metal & post-hardcore band from The Hudson Valley, New York, formed in 2018.

I recently put myself onto

Soul Blind and have never looked back. this was my introductory track and now it can be yours too!



(K-Pop r&b?)

I actually don't recall how I came across this track. Now my options include, but are not limited to associations with anime and a couple of Korean films and series I've watched over the last few months, so the skies are the limit. In any case, Im a fan and wanted to spread the awareness.

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