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listening to Trade Wind? Noblesse Anime. plus: Cannabis themed A.i art (free saves!)

This week:

  • Band of the week: Trade Wind

  • Cannabis Generative Vector Art

  • Recently Watch Anime

This is an intro if you haven't heard of them, and trust that a few follow-ups featuring them in future blogs are on the way.

Trade Wind

Trade Wind is a riff-heavy Rock band who write explosive, melodic tunes. They're a "super-group" comprised of members of Structures, Stray from the Path and Stick to Your Guns. Their individual, specialized talents have melded to form a thunderous, atmospheric epicenter that thwarts the expectations of its listeners.



Anime Pick of the Week: Noblesse

Cons: its 1 season

Pros: it's a season that inspires deeper exploration into the universe of this anime. Noblesse features a general supernatural creature overlay set in modern times with elements of Sci-fi and Fantasy intertwining with each character's full and hinted-at story arcs. It's also funny and doesn't go over the top with gore.

Despite this cover image implying blood and vampires, the anime never states an association with the former. The supernatural theme is there however, most obvious with the character of 'Frankenstein' (he is in the photo if you care to take a guess) who is in fact some type of highly skilled shop smith for his time.

Speaking of time, they do reference an 800 period between the then and now of the 'Nobles-not-vampires' of the series.

As a general anime fan, Im all-go for dozens of episodes set in this world, but I will make do with this fun season and a new world of curiosity for the IP that the anime has inspired.


Aurorasoul Cannabis-themed Art

These aren't in order, just 28 random cannabis-inspired badges we produced using

Eventually, there will be a top five, but for now, we wanted to share our 1st batch of pieces for public scrutiny. Also, we encourage 'saves'.

See one that you really like? it's yours! Download and 'Save As'.

There is also a 'Top Five' most wonky. Check Out the YouTube Channel for Shorts featuring this list, but you can find it on our blog too.

All of these were created in 3 different sessions and featured a similar prompt with slight variations to change color and borders.

Prompts used in

  • Vector art style Cannabis Flower with embroidered edges of sleek silver trim, surrounded by neon smoke and fog

  • Vector art style Cannabis Flower with embroidered edges of sleek gold trim, surrounded by electric smoke and fog

The 'can-brand' is random because it was from the same prompt and batch as all the gold-trimmed badges. Worth revisiting however, and fine-tuning a prompt to get a clean version of this theme.

Our overall impression of this art is genuinely fond and appreciative, yet we must also note that had a human designed the original template/image as a model for those images, perhaps more of the leaves would reflect accurate numbers.


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