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This Week's Picks to pair with your higher state include...

I wasn't going to include any sort of introduction or explainer, but this is a blog and I have time.

What are we going here?

Depending on your state of mind while reading this, what follows might be highly disappointing ( sorry existentialist.)

For the rest of us, what follows is a selection of this week's fun and interesting recommendations across the indie music and film realms and with a deep and independent appreciation for Art as an aesthetical backdrop, or an independent piece.

Frankly, and with specific bias in some regard, this small lineup is fun, and grounding, yet slightly trippy.

This week's High Types:

(A collection of media to accompany higher states of the present.)


KAMAUU - The Vibe


Let's get intellectually jazzy with a big hip-hop band orchestra feel and a performer whose charm is as befitting the vivid poetry as is his on-stage attire against the COLORS single hue backdrop.


Want Something familiar but Different?

How about this 80s tech meets early atmosphere 'Say Say Say' remix from Kygo.

Kygo - Say Say Say (Lyric Video) ft. Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson


Need something to pair with your flow state?



Sci-Fi Short Film "Solar Plexus" | DUST


I didn't read the description, I just jumped right in based on the context on the thumbnail. I mean, don't we all? Its claymation, digital, stop motion, roughly speaking. I felt that was worth mentioning for my friends who have specific issues with claymation with 'high'.

What's your fav from above

  • KAMAUU - The Vibe

  • Sci-Fi Short Film "Solar Plexus" | DUST

  • Kygo - Say Say Say (Lyric Video) ft. Paul McCartney, Michael