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Echoes: "The World Below"

'L' of the cosmic-

The world Below

We were flying.

Wings forged from ambition

While the ignorance of our youth

Ignored all known physics

When we materialized wings and began to fly.

Mines were a kaleidoscope of often dark but hypnotizing hues of hope, magic and mystery.

I flew with shadows.

Both my own and amongst me.

They flew with emotions and personal ambitions of their own and all their own, unless I joined them, with the weight of my wings exploding oxygen molecules on a subatomic level, ever propelling us more in a tormenting wind of upward momentum. Until my wings weighed me down more than they carried others.

I began to fall

Descending within a kaleidoscope of hope and shadows.

It was this Abyss again,

I reach outward,

Desperate enough to pick apart my wings

And be less than while surviving the descent

Or perhaps, within my cunning and shadows, and spare feathers from the Shades above, I would then reconfigure my own wings again.

Small but enough to escape the fall.

There was no WE.

A few blessings, enough to light my way down.

Enough to illuminate the world above as my perspective widened the further the flight and fall became.

They were flying above it all.

Not knowing the cool smother of entropic space, protecting me from the fires above, while keeping me from Peace on Earth.

I saw the depths of the abyss, and my fear alit the splendor of possibilities beyond it - 'L' of the Cosmic

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Echoes... Part 2 of 5


Thanks for reading! This story is just beginning and if you're keeping track, This poetic story, along with the related YouTube short are both from the perspective of " 'L' of the Cosmic". this is all leading up to a short (problem 1 and a half mins) that helps combine the overall perspectives for us as readers. Bird eye view of the big 'abyss' that the story takes vague place in.

All of the separate characters and their perspectives will have their own space on the echoes page here on

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