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Assessing the Balance: A Thoughtful Life and Business Check-In


  • MLK inspired a train of thought.

  • What's's point to getting your attention

  • (Re)Intro Dusk108 ( owner, creator, wizard)

  • (Re)Intro Content and initiatives

  • Social Economics App development

  • Some Generative art, as well as quick thoughts on AI.

I finally got around to writing this fresh entry for the new year and this next phase of , fittingly, on MLK day. I had the thought a couple of weeks ago to officially (at least to me) restart my investment and adventure with entrepreneurship and beyond on a day meant to reflect on a dream, and beyond.

am on Martin Luther King Dy and I thought about this blog and its tone (chaos withstanding) and not only what I want to project to the community I'm trying to build but how that representation feels in my heart when I spend time within the elemental tone.

What came to me was a question:

What is the Dream about now?

As with everything in my thought process, the tree of logical synaptic pathways, as visualized by my consciousness, resembles a math formula where integers and digits are equal to words, questions, and expressions and written out as a chart, diagram, or a collage of 'events' I play out on a canvas board enough, and with a system rational enough ( math) to try and make sense of anything worth a thing.

represents my 1st initial layer of thought that leads to answers that represent action, goals, and morals.

My personal Goals, as well as the ultimate goal for what wants to accomplish and stand for as a business and developing institution, are Opportunity and Progress for our Community.

It's simple and almost a cop-out with its general 'good humanitarian from a cooperation within capitalism, and we would agree with you if we didn't ask ourselves the same questions we all should ask every organization that bares claim to the betterment of a people;

Where's the Proof, and what's the Plan?

Our Proof currently comes in the form of the subscription services under development. With a focus on economics, academics and adult crafting; we're building a database full of collections of downloadable assets ranging from coloring pages to lesson plans and designer portfolio templates.

( promo flyer for sub-section)

We're also looking forward to re-establishing our apparel brand where 10% of all profits go straight into a diversified and trackable portfolio of charities and causes.

( Full Set, Custom Design pictured )


The Plan

We believe social economics when applied within a dynamic community, could lead to passive and universal income.

As such, we've been working on an app to apply this system and hopefully generate scalable results.

Project Diadem

(Pitch Deck Cover)


Reintro: DUSK

Hi, Im Dusk(Dusk108, PCRH, etc)

and I'm the creator behind the platform you're on right now.

Here's some of my recent abstract artwork.

I hope that tells you enough about me because I plan to show more (on my YouTube Channel) in place of just telling people what I claim about myself.


Here are the 1st few slides from our pitch.

Working toward the creation of intellectually progressive content is the result of professional evolution over the past several years of redevelopment and company reimagining.

We had to adapt and develop new skills along the way, while being responsible with the new world of potential abundance in the form of all things Generative AI and LLM's.

When it comes to how to use Ai for art and work; we greatly support its application and development within economic and healthcare industries. Meaning we want answers for universal income and cures for all as a top priority for revolutionary systems.

It should go without mention that the use of it to infringe on the IP's of individuals and cooperations is a sad and futile use of systems and should be respectfully regulated during its broader social, creative, and pop culture integrations.

So, if you see something from us that's generative and copywritten, do the community a favor and FLAG it. Otherwise, enjoy our contributions of prompt-engineered digital assets.


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