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3 body Problem ( No Spoilers), Plus; Music of the week, and Wu Tang Video facts! #htom


Before watching

Go for a long jog, meditate, go fishing, or have a medicine man moment alone with the cosmos prior to starting the series.


It's intellectual, detailed, and thought-provoking. As such, I find that having a clear and attentive mind expanded my enjoyment throughout my multi-mini binge viewing of NETFLIX'S 3 Body Problem.

Familiar, relatable beats:

It's grounded in science but envokes spirituality ( themes of intelligent design, etc) and embraces science fiction on the back of theoretical physics, amongst other 'super science' topics.

Definitely has unique mature moments.

Highly recommended.

4.7 on the 5 Aurascale ™️ that I just made up.

Have you watched?

  • Yes! Love it

  • Yes, Like it

  • Yes, wtf



What we feel, imagine with this song;

It's a deep hero type of melancholy told in contemporary folk tales. This song is perfect introspective fuel or general company for that sulk right before you get over 'it' and move on.

In a different version of 'that' mood but what a similar acoustic feel?



Five facts about Wu-Tang Clan Music videos

Here are some facts about 5 Wu-Tang Clan's music videos!

1. C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) (1994) Director: Ralph McDaniels

Details: This iconic video features the members of Wu-Tang Clan in various urban settings, primarily in Staten Island. The video’s narrative highlights the struggles and aspirations of inner-city youth, interspersed with shots of the crew rapping and reflecting on their past .

2. Gravel Pit (2000)

Director: Joseph Kahn

Details: The "Gravel Pit" video takes a creative departure by placing the Wu-Tang Clan in a prehistoric, Flintstones-like setting. The video showcases extensive practical effects and set designs that depict the group as cavemen and features CGI dinosaurs and elaborate props, adding a humorous twist to their typical gritty aesthetic.

3."Triumph" (1998)

Director: Brett Ratner

Details: Known for its high production value, "Triumph" features 10 different artists and the video cost about $800,000 to make. It features elaborate special effects, including members of the Wu-Tang Clan flying and interacting with various CGI elements and scenes, with each uniquely paired with song elements and style of each artists.

4. "Protect Ya Neck" (1993)

Director: Ralph McDaniels

Details: The first Wu-Tang Clan single, the hard-hitting "Protect Ya Neck," appeared on their own independent label and became an underground hit. The video was shot in various locations in New York City, including Staten Island and Manhattan. It features gritty, black-and-white footage of the group performing and scenes from the streets, capturing the raw energy of the Wu-Tang Clan's early days .

Director: Gerald Barclay

Details: The video, shot in the mid-90s, features a mix of live performances and candid footage of the group in various New York locations. It captures the raw and unfiltered essence of the Wu-Tang Clan, emphasizing their street credibility and strong ties to their community. Impact: The video played a significant role in establishing the Wu-Tang Clan's visual identity and contributed to their reputation as one of the rawest and most authentic acts in hip-hop during the 90s.


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