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The Story Behind the Design 

"Om" is the current Avatar for our in-house OVEREAGER®️ Brand. She's an idealistic A.i who speaks on behalf of the brand. Heavily featured in our Studio Productions -This vivid, bold representation of O.M was produced by muteillustration.com, based on a concept from aurorasoul.com's Owner

Inspired by the idea of a digital rep for a black-owned business in the not-so-distant future, the Character of O.M comes from short stories and films currently being produced by aurorasoul.com and Features a sci-fi commentary from an A.I that self identifies as an evolving Black digital consciousness. 

It's not the usual spin on A.I being inherently bad in the movies. Instead, we try to imagine how an A.I would feel if the Black American experience was coded to a digital consciousness that is fully aware of its potential and the potential of its 'people'.

About the Brand

All about Evolution and Revolution. 
Being inspired and dare to become greater despite the odds. 

-A portion of the proceeds from this item is dedicated to charitable contributions from Us!-

Crafted for that perfect blend of fashion and comfort, the printed Crewneck Sweatshirt features:

• Triple-layer tri-tech fabric with a 100% cotton face, heavy-duty poly middle and super fluffy poly cotton inner
• Completely shrink resistant for hassle-free washing
• Unisex fit looks great on a range of body types
• Full-color digital DTG print with a soft hand