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Single. Thoughts about why, subjectively and beyond, and how I experience relationships. Plus; revisiting dating on SHOWTIME.

Updated: Feb 14

"Why are you single?"

I know I'm nuts, but I can also build anything from a Bathroom to a Website, 

And I know my ‘crazy’ is best focused on building something. My emotional anchor is virtually in the foundation of what I’ve built. The most recent thing that has brought me pure Joy and fulfillment is miles closer to Business-related than sexual or social-emotional. 

Ultimately, I'm single because I've met and dated women far more than I may have proved worthy of, and at different times, but I didn't recognize what could be built in those cases.

Now I know what I'm building and it's not a relationship. Ideally, one would come from it.

To me, my mission is everything, because it's parallel with my survival and identity. It's my literal stability that would just so happen to become something of a stable beacon for so many others. I want to build that proof.

Considering the value of my " mission ", it's easy to consider that someone in my situation and with the goal set before them would need a partner in a very integral sense that that is similar too, but is not definitively an intimate relationship.

With this view, I'm single because the mission comes first and I can only associate, let alone date within mission perimeters. 

One way to interpret this would be to assume Money or business comes 1st, That it comes before love, family, and personal relationships. 

You would be right.

The why is important, if not, more important than “the mission”.

It's the Legs I have to stand on. 

Without a foundation, what am I doing dating in the first place?

I’m building the virtual equivalent of an eco-friendly, self-sustaining, community-evolving village.

Dating outside and out of focus, or bringing someone in who can't contribute ( they don't get it, don't want to fit in, don't like it, etc) feels like it goes against what I’m hedging my life interest, time, and investment in.

This simply put, is similar to saying “dating on my level”, and illustrates what I previously meant when applying my ‘dating worth’ in value to women whom, again and simply put; had their shit together waaay better than me, and I didn't see that for those times. I didn't recognize how I could be of value to them when my best asset at the time didn't allow me to improve their lives directly/throw money at the problem and go on vacation together. 

I think anyone can fall in love, even if they don't distinguish it as how they expect to react to being in love. I don't think everyone knows true love in real-time to fully enjoy the experience. I also believe love can be infinitely, and comparably fleeting. 

With these thoughts and my experiences, I also know that Personality trumps Business value. I don't want to fall in love or work closely with anyone whose personality traits rub me the wrong way consistently. 

I contribute Intellect and factual awareness as personality traits.

Real-world example.

Someone who I thought I would like to date, reached out to me and made my week, until what little I got to know of her Intellect and factual awareness made her less attractive in ways I have yet to experience as rapidly until that point. It wouldn't even be physical.


Flat Earth, and adjacent ways of thinking. Anti-science (mind you, I / We have a Science News Show  as one of our Flagship forms of weekly content.)

I’m single because I need a like-minded individual who's on the path with me, as a start. There is a deep loneliness sometimes to be sure because I constantly lack that experience amongst so many others I have and don't need, but I’m not interested in anyone or anything else besides THAT -liked mind and mutual path- experience at this point in my life. 


Well, its been a couple of years but here's me learning about dating in real time ( for me, the host, producers, etc) of dating segment featured on a Valentine's day SHOWTIME TV night. Cringe with me, at me, and enjoy!


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