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Dusk108 Human/Life update, and personal/Business project update


It's been the toughest years of my life. COVID wasn't even personal, it was the backdrop for a series of unfortunate miss adventures on life, love, tolerance, and endeavors that left me with experiences, though abundant in their existential value, I would prefer not to have ever gained.

But, that's life.

The one constant is what you're looking at now, and where you see yourself going. My work, this Platform.

It truly is all I want to be a part of, a Public figure in the open background. Exploring and expressing from a galaxy all my own, hoping it's a beacon bright enough to inspire creative self-evolution in others. A cosmic narrative about individual growth and community evolution.

I truly hope that something, anything I produce inspires your inner Spark.



We're producing 'Echoes in the Consciousness' as our first official Series in Short form. Unless you personally know us, the title and concept at least sound intriguing enough to inspire you to watch a few shorts.

Format and what's it about?

Mixed media Animated, surrealism with characters/human forms, and narrative.

It's a story that gives form to consciousness, cosmic elements, and personality, and the balance of lack thereof, for such a sentient space. Five forms, and the Host.


How to support us for FREE

We need YouTube Subscribers. That's our bottom line as we get the most view engagement by posting on that platform, yet we lack the qualifying Subscription numbers to be monetized.

Here is a quick graph of our content lineup to give you a visual of what we're working on and what we represent.

(Produce weekly line-up graphic. Still, image and short video, looping, doubles as a promo.)

How to support us for a $1.

Subscription as a member to our site.

We're still building out the gallery and content available to members, but once we feel like it's a great, full offering, we will open up that option.

We will also keep a Free membership, as we already have individuals as free members, but now we will create a special page and gallery for free members. This will all lead to the app, which is built, and ready for refinement and launch once we meet a paid membership threshold (because running the app is a whole other budget than running the website).

Donate to one of our fundraisers.

Currently, we have several in development and for various projects, including an App, and an expansion of our Business. You can give a $1 to the one below while we build out the next campaign.

How to help each other.

We offer direct digital services and guidance. Sometimes you want or need someone else to focus on something for your extended business or project. We cover a range of design and development services.

  • Graphic design

  • Video editing

  • Web design

  • Prompt engineering

  • Brand development

1st Consultation is free and we can know in advance how we can potentially work together on your project.


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