Paul 'Dusk108' Hicks

n eclectic background includes Martial Arts, Electrical Repair and government Security work. A handful of many paths that helped Paul C. Hicks, otherwise knowns a Dusk fine tune the values from his life experiences. Crafting creative ventures that aspire to change the World though arts and education. 

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Digital Art

HI! Its me, though I prefer to just go by Dusk as my creative identity. feel free to browse and scroll across the content within my portfolio. Every thing from the photo of the Moon (below) to the composition card for a model I managed is courtesy of yours truly.



Talent development: From taking and edit photos, creating composition materials,  I offer a complete list of digital services for my clients in the entertainment field.

Digital Media Services

Expressing the character of a person is one of my favorite collaboration key points. While using myself and others as a design template, I customize as much as I can to accommodate the natural beauty and creative vision of the subject and my clients. 

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