Random life thoughts and a condolence.

I spend a fair amount of time trying to understand my own reactions and avoid settling in anger.

Anger stems from deep frustration for me, though I heard a quote recently stating 'anger is the child of jealous and fear' or something to that effect. 

I think the realist, personal and not PC thing I could say to explain the root of my anger is is simple:

I think I'm better than a lot of people, and I haven't lived up to it.

It's that simple and it goes against common teachings but the truth is, we are supposed to want to better in-

  • Fighting
  • Sports
  • Career path

There are a multitude of circumstances where it's ok and even encouraged to 'Be better than' your obstacle and opponent. Yet in life, it's frowned upon to compare yours to others. Trust me, I get it. Yet it hinders the competitive nature of existence and often becomes an excuse to settle, even when your heart really doesn't want to.

Imagine if more athletes and icons had that attitude to not want to be better than yesterday's version of themselves? 

Yes, be better than the last version of yourself. You're a person and that contest to be greater than (others in your field of life) and prove it starts within. Just like anybody else, you compete in this life because you want more. From life, for yourself, for your family, its all about overcoming the struggle and create gains.

That struggle involves people of all sorts. Some of which want what you have in some way, of at least consider you in the way, if you're considered at all…

Being over looked and out shined in an element that you feel specially gifted in, can hurt you. that's regardless if you're competing in life or not.

Social media for some, inspires them to post more, technically better content on a quality level than some basic influencers with an above basic following. So what are you missing if the work is the same but results vastly differ?

The system is rigged, of course. That's the wrong term for it, today we refer to it as 'capitalizing on the algorithms.'

Hey, when it works, it works. Gotta love data science and economics. That's (part of) life.

Perhaps that's also the problem, the science of passion and success. Maybe the reality of what it takes to make something of your excellence in this life, is comparable to learning all your favorite magician's best work. For many , they love the spectacule all the same, but what about the ones who are in it for the 'magic'?

Rest in peace

Cheslie Kryst.

I didn't know of her until after hearing about her death. If this turns out to be a suicide for sure, I can only hope we find the understanding to what may lead to seemingly bright lights like hers to be so vulnerable to the pull of death for peace in the world of ours.









Sometimes when it's not enough, or taken away, or unavailable…

Perhaps sometimes we break.

But we, the living can learn from every piece while we honor and grow.

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