KRS-One, Gundam Iron Blood Orphans and more on my Playlist this week.

I'm living in Gundam Iron Blood Orphans, 

and getting in tune with true Hip Hop during my KRS-One listen-thru this week.


Lets start with which series I've been enjoying with my weed this week so far. 

first up, Raised by Wolves, season 2.

 I loved season one and admittedly I had a slow warm up to season 2. By episode 4 however, I was entangled the same way the 1st season had me. Sitting back with an solid indica like King Louie xiii during an episode or two has made for highly engaging sci fi couch experiences. 

Next, Mobile suite Gundam; Iron Blood Orphans. 

This happened thanks to that Hathaway Movie on Netflix. Its been so many years since I've explored the visual, character driven world of any Gundam series, and I was pretty frustrated at my inability to immerse fully into the storyline thanks to my unfamiliarity with the series, and characters proceeding the movie's plot. 

Instead of going with the series which actually starred the character from the movie, I went with the one I loved but forgot to finish during its original (toonami?) run. 




 Music Mood

 Nuff Said.

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