Whats coming to aurorasoul.com in March!

Spring is Near!

As such, we are enthusiastically lining up new content premieres as well as seasonal updates to our current product line. 


to Start, we thank everyone who watched the pilot episode of WEBlynks Science Briefs. If you haven't already watched, you can view it in the window below:


WEBlynks is a science show inspired by historical black figures in STEM, and is geared towards adult education. Quick, precise and poignant, The goal of this series is to keep us all informed within the world of Science and Technology. 


Designer Products and Apparel

OVEREAGER evolve.revolt is the exclusive Brand of aurorasoul.com but has a style of its on, albeit adjacent to our core representation of personal Growth and spiritual wellness. 

As such, we have new items in stock that fit a range of style and comfort while nurturing your self expression. 

The Golden XO (aka XO Golden) Design will heavily feature across current products as well as new limited edition pieces. 


Entertainment and Publication Projects

With WEBlynks checked off, aurorasoul.com is in post production for a handful of sci fi themed short films. Stay tune and subscribe to our Newsletter to receive premiere updates on pending entertainment projects.

Not just an amateur film studio and more than a weekly blog, one of our key goals is Self publication. All of our designs have a story to tell, and we want to tell it via poetry and literary fiction. Another reason to subscribe to our newsletter, be on the lookout for updates in regard to the status of works in this category. 

aurorasoul.com LLC services for HIRE


Like what the brand has to offer? allow us to extend our professional portfolio and create the best version of your own professional aspirations.

  • Talent development
  • Content writing and Creation
  • Design services
  • Virtual Assistant and consultation 

Contact us about your professional needs or comment what services are in high demand and let's Build Together. 


 Bright Spirits! 


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