What to do; "3rd Eye High"

Delving into altered states of consciousness and their perceptions, and how they fit into the “Real World”.

Entry One: Introduction

Do you ever wonder what other people’s “Highs” are like? We have a ton of celebrities and media content illustrating various scenarios where they felt one way or began to see the world differently. Hence leading to spiritual trips or epiphanies 

That either leads to fundamental life discoveries or Nihilistic realizations that sometimes lead to detachments from our shared grounded reality.

What I want to know is, what is it like for others to seemingly ascend while still being grounded? Furthermore, how vastly different can our perceptions of being grounded be from person to person or culture to culture? 

This already sounds like a lot to unpack. Certainly, I can't do it alone. Tell me, what do you get out of being ”High”? I’m not just talking weed or psychedelics but also ambition, artistry, self-mastery. 

Do you reach for your Chakra Crown to ascend? Or Does meeting your personal goals get you high?

I want to know how you feel, and how does This World feel to you, as you venture into you “3rd Eye High”.

What do Altered states of consciousness have to do with life goals and success?

I would say, a lot. I’ve heard many a straight edge athlete recount a sensation comparable to the best “Highs” when in the peak moment of their profession.  For most of them, It isn't just the lights and stage that gives them that surreal feeling. The actual athletic engagement while in that moment, and feeling all of your hard training pay off second to second...surrendering to the moment and letting your hard work guide you. That synchronicity of fully being in the moment and performing without a dozen thoughts is as free and fearless a high as taking the dreamiest bong hit of a Sativa Dominant Hybrid with strong euphoric effects. 

What Is that?

Science, Spirituality, chemical reaction, cause, and effect…

Tuning in, tuning out.

How does it work?

Regardless of how you get to that state, once you're there; stuff happens. Weird stuff, cool stuff, woke stuff, Wise Stuff, It can be all types of personal interactions. What's curious is how it plays out once you're the one being perceived. I can tell you, I wouldn't want to be a boxer fighting a guy more tuned into beating my ass than I am him. That's just putting it simply.

In that scenario, one can argue its Me. vs Myself before I ever get into the ring. I’m not a boxer by the way, but I’ve spared with a few in training sessions. The funny thing is I was going to lose regardless( in theory). What I can say I regret was, not putting my all into that lost. In hindsight, it would have been a fuller, more enjoyable “in the moment” experience had I fully embraced the reality I was in and allow my own to guide me. 

Can we weaponize it?

As with any modern discovery, tech or otherwise; we gotta use it to affect others!

Imagine a world where the woke among us were completely different types of humans. Kind of like the X-Men. We can argue that near any mutant power can be a weapon in that comic book universe. We can also state that mutants are technically more evolved humans. Still Human, but just with a shared dormant Gene being active. What if we compared that to our Highs and its sometimes associated byproducts in the form of enlightenment? If a mutant can physically affect the world around them, how can you do the same with your perceived higher state of being?

Have any thoughts or shared experiences?

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