What I've been working on for the aurorasoul.com and 'Dusk108' platforms

Hi! lets start by point out that as usual, I am BEHIND where I want to be as far as content release and all that good public business stuff. 

Good news is I have a lot of content to release! So honestly, I'm catching up with myself as I create more than I prep for any type of release. in that regard, I will use this post to feature a few rough cuts of current and pending projects. Feel free to browse below, and contact me for more information in regards to this random, short overview of an entire universe of projects I am working on under aurorasoul.com

1st up:

The Dusk108 Show


Status: semi active

I always have an episode in the bank to edit and release but for personal reasons, (aka I often get sick of listening to myself during editing, etc) I fall behind until the content isn't as relevant anymore. 

Currently, I am a week behind editing a longer but seriously toned episode about NYC. 


Apparel Line

Status: Live

I have two design concepts I am using to design new pieces using Bella + Canvas and Next Level as my indirect suppliers. I love the quality of both and how they mesh well under my brand's style and fit. Frankly I wear my own apparel daily, and create new pieces to accommodate the general needs of my lifestyle. 

- I need to Market More. 

The designs are 'A.C.E' and 'Transmissions'. The later will be an apparel campaign following the current ACE push ( another week or two), and will launch with a short clip from a larger project. 



Short Films

Status: Passion project in pre development

I have a few short sci fi features I have been working on here and there over the last couple of years. Some featuring paid voice over work, and a lot of me in front of a green screen, being physically weird. The clip that pairs with the "transmissions's theme barely features me being weird ( I tend to avoid acting, so trust that my shorts aren't just excuses for me to tip my hat at acting.


 Art, in General


Some concept stuff for the ACE design (above).

Here is some of my personal work!  the one below is a trippy thing I will color soon. it represents a "heart of madness." Above, A mixed media canvas I dug out of a small achieve of unfinished works. Full before and after photos once its finished.


WEBLynks Science Briefs

Status: Running on TikTok under @thedusk108

I will cover weekly science news stories and connect it with practical references to help explain why the science and tech should matter to us.


Cannabis Stuff

I'm reviewing weed!

I will feature those on YouTube for Now, and the baseline for the content will be me highlighting the listed effects of different strains, and seeing if I have similar experiences. I will also talk about my opinion on the value of each Strain.


 Finally ( for now)

Professional Services


I have developed my platform to start (openly) providing Digital Development and Design services for select clients via aurorasoul.com LLC Services Department. 

Outside of my personal and professional gains, I want to help individuals establish their own developed web presence, as independent as possible from social media platforms, while still using them as leads to the individual's personally and professionally owned web presence.

If you consider yourself any type of professional 

(influencer, model, singer/songwriter, life coach, etc)

You need your own space in digital. A hub you control, from how it looks, and what is, and is not allowed on it. Plus you can directly monetize your website  and showing you how to do so will be included in our Service package!



Come back again soon as I will be back to several blog entries a week with different updates on current and pending media projects. Subscribe anywhere there is an option, including our newsletter (when its rarely sent out, so don't worry much about spam from us.)

Thanks and check out our Sales!


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