Whatever happened to You?

Self-identity within a broken social circle

It took that one negative text exchange to role me out of bed and inspire this current post. Nope, I'm not here to pled over or pout about myself or others. Instead, I want to highlight situations and attitude changes we encounter or undergo on our personal road to self-fulfillment. 

 To illustrate my point, I will use the path of entrepreneurship as the anchor for this life analysis.  

Creating something from virtually nothing because your heart is set on it is wonderful, but not an attitude everyone shares or relates to.

In short, Most people -even the "somebodies"- close to you don't really care about your change or especially your new "path". That's ok, of course. What's not ok is when you don't change most people around you to accommodate what you actually need as well as what you have to offer.  

When you change for yourself and goal, your social roles which people are accustomed to naturally don't. based on perspective, any party can be right or wrong given the situation. So even though you've created new habits and attitudes for yourself, others still interact with the 'you" from yesterday.

For your own well being, we will talk about YOU and your perspective as an entrepreneur. here are a few sentiments that you may relate to when dealing with individuals on your crossroad.

 When factoring in people and situations, Do you feel;

  • Respected
  • Like yourself
  • Disrespected
  • Like you fit in (better or worst)
  • Understood
  • Progressive
  • Inspired
  • Successful
  • Welcomed
  • Heard
  • Supported
  • Taken Seriously
  • Believed 
  • Appreciated

Next, ask yourself what you are doing to earn each sentiment for each experience in your life. 

Once you figure that out, let's look at how it all applies to your goal.


If you are someone who is used to working in teams but got more tangible results on your own towards the one thing you care about, can't nobody tell you sh!t. 

Don't let them make you feel like the version of you that didn't get somewhere. The version of you who was there for others but not for yourself and was somehow made to feel bad about not helping others first. 

Some habits to factor in when becoming a better Business You

  • Exchange apologizing for Progress. 

Take the lost if it's yours, but trim off the person or situation that causes you to constantly say sorry instead of working towards a goal.

  • Exchange handouts for Investments

Nothing comes for free but money isn't the only currency. Time and friendship are huge investments and forms of exchange. Don't give away your time to dead ends. 

  • Exchange Faith for Facts and Figures

Hope and Belief don't make Matter, last time I checked for us humans anyway. Many parts of success take trial and error, facts and figures. Learn how to apply Logic and reason in regard to your gut instinct. 



Consider the above and tell me or others your personal experiences with change and growth. 

Perhaps together we can cultivate the social Structures we need for success. 




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