What about Black-Owned Stocks and Business in 2020

What about Black-Owned Stocks and Business in 2020?



It’s been more than a year since I wrote the 2019 edition of this blog and for general reference, you can Find it here B.O.S.B. 2019.


Within that time, I have witnessed the expanded interest in not only Buying Black, but Black Ownership becoming a necessary hot topic amongst young investors in our Community.




If you’re living Current 2020 (oh boy), perhaps the weight of reality has inspired you to question the very nature of Politics, People, Faith, our Species, The Earth, Sanity.  I'm sure the semi elusive understanding of all Life will come into question by the end of the year because space has been relatively quiet on the Civilization front, and us Earthlings just started a new Age of Exploration, btw.


Riddle me this my friends and family; what’s one thing that has no sides, but frames all things?



Capital, Currency, exchange, barter, Resource


Money, as a resource, isn’t the only thing that makes the world go around, but it might actually be the philosophically easier one. As a concept and endeavor; Love can be hard but can be worth it. Life needs Love, survival needs strength, and courage needs will.

Kingdoms need resources.



Back when I dabbled in music video production for underground and local hip hop artists, I remember how it felt seeing the artist from a block away. Their casual swagger and my enthusiasm for the shoot were underscored by the anxiety I felt while watching them literally drop bottles and snack bags along the Queensbridge block leading the spot they wanted to shoot at. A shoot where they would  style on Camera about rep’n the hood and Queens Pride. I’m a special case in this circumstance, as years of captain planet has ruined me to the point where I low key pick up after strangers on a daily basis.

I pretend I don’t see them if they happen to catch a glance. That’s not to sound cool, I’m just embarrassed, but I’m going to still do it. Especially at local venues because I personally don’t want to see debris sweeping past my feet every time I hit the corner Bodega. Even worse if it’s my own (trash), don’t you think?


I really didn’t get it, watching the video and doing edits…

All I could think about was the damn trash. The  Bars were sick though, but hollow in retrospect.


Bet you thought I got off course? (I’m just long-winded)


Those individuals represent the anti-black establishment, in my opinion. Like Anti-heroes, they perform for how they see the greater good while leaving collateral damage in their wake. Frankly put; a clean street holds more equity in the black community than the expenses for the video.


In Context, imagine how national black investors feel about a property like the Tulsa Real Estate Fund.

A property ownership fund geared towards ownership amongst the black community, You can bet they want those properties to shine, otherwise, the value goes down and returns diminish.


Whatever you buy, and Wherever We step our feet on a regular basis, represents an investment.


Love them or hate them; Homeowners Associates exist for the primary reason of ensuring property value stays high for all by ensuring uniform standards, in theory. Yet when a community’s full appreciate begins and ends at individual doorsteps, then collectively we have a problem.


Invest in where you are and what you use



Own stock in Procter and Gamble? (Brands like Tide, Luvs, Gillette, Comet, Pepto-Bismol)

According to a Nielsen Report:


Procter & Gamble is the largest advertiser in African-American media, spending more than a half-billion dollars ($544.3 million). Five of the top 20 baby care category products come from P&G’s Pampers and Luvs brands.





When  Jay-Z was asked whats the Best investment advance he has received(5:10sec), he quoted Warren Buffet in saying ‘invest in what you Understand”.


Annual black spending accounts for up to 1.3 Trillion buying power within the U.S Economy.

That’s roughly;

  •  1 Million Community Centers.
  • 50,000 Schools
  • 3,037,383 Homes Built

To name a few. A quick google search of “how much” to build in America, divided into our Buying Power gives you a nice estimate for context. The point is, Our dollars are a resource that we have yet to subjectively tape into.


How to keep the Black Dollar circulating within our community more than once is the 1.2 Trillion Dollar question.


I don’t believe the answer is a singular philosophy but instead, it's a map with many clear, if not initially challenging destinations.

The 1st and most current are Supporting Quality black-owned businesses by either Buying those products or investing in that company, or both.

As our community gains capital, equal parts need to be invested in economic infrastructure, education and professional development, and community essential health and wellness. We need to stay fit, smart, and progressive if we want to build our own Kingdom where limitless potential replaces repression by mentally and emotionally deranged individuals.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the general circumstances of the world and our people, but want to step ever forward with investing and community building, I would suggest applying the resources I will link below, to an M1 Finance* portfolio, or any investment platform using pie chart investment configurations. There, I would make a portfolio that reflects at least half of your investment into black-owned companies and the other into industries with a long-standing stable track record, and that you have Heard of for all of your life thus far ( Kraft Foods, Steel, ford, to name few). The catch is they should have plans for the times. Yelp announced a new feature that lets you easily search for Black owned Business as well as making large cash donations to Profession black entities. I’m not sponsoring yelp or any of the previous companies, though I do encourage paying attention to industries that are too silent in these times.  


* I’ve included a Cash incentive referral link to start your account which greats you and I $10 cash Bonus for completion of your account. Or, simply start from scratch and follow the easier to use steps that make M1 my newest and most favorable investment platform.





Invest/Bank Black Owned

Forbes List, Black Owned

Investopedia List






  • Join the @BuyBlack30  Challenge and Stay informed on 100s of Black on Business across the Country.


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