What about Black owned Stocks and Business in 2019?

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I ‘ve had quite a few interactions over the last couple of days with friends and colleagues asking about Stocks and investing. and it all boiled down to a random Wednesday night convo over a dating app, where the topic of Black own business and Stocks began.

After giving it some thought, and receiving another social reference regarding black own stocks, I started digging and realized; not only was I unaware of around how many black-owned businesses even exist, but how that number is woefully underrepresented in the stock exchange.

So there are a lot of things to unpack here and I originally planned for this post to just be a shout-out to a few black-owned stocks. After reviewing the many exchanges I had over just the last two days, I felt I needed to at least put a few things into context before getting to “These top companies…” anything.


According to the US Census in 2015 (which is likely due for an update), There are around 2.6 Million black-owned businesses in the U.S. As of 2018, around 12 of them are represented on the NYSE. About 4000 companies are publicly listed on the stock market.

What's Next?

Now if you know anything about stocks or hell, if you live in the Modern U.S. of A, then you can take a few wild guesses and likely name a couple, if not dozens of companies that are likely traded (Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, Ford Motors, Google, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Snapchat, Facebook, Disney, CVS, etc) on the New York Stock Exchange. If you're Black in America and are a light to the casual investor, can you sincerely Name any 1 (of the few, as we’ve established) that are Black?

I couldn't. I’ve been raving about investing “when your young and black”  since last Fall and with Spring days away, I’m just now putting together the rationalization of Young Black investors and Black businesses should go hand and hand.

Of Course, I'm not saying sell away your blue-chip shares if they aren't black ( like who would listen anyhow, I wouldn't) Instead -and if you haven't already done so- diversify your investments by including Black Owned Business in whatever portfolio you have.

As we speak, I am analyzing all of my routine habits, expenses and investments with consideration to the fact that all of my resources and hobbies (food, financial and entertainment) likely number in the dozens yet out of 2.6 million black-owned business, how many could easily accommodate my couple of dozen needs? I’m talking, my Clothing, Dinner, banking etc.

This, of course, is also considering the fact that I live in NYC. Which is saying a lot for my options, but in reality, even New York isn't listed amongst the top five States with the highest volume of black entrepreneurs*

With all this to consider, I hope I’ve not only inspired the young investor, but the established day trader or budding Business owner to broaden their portfolios, and take a deeper look within your own community first when you think about investing.

For a full list of Black Owned Companies that are publicly traded; Check out resource links below.

To give you a general idea of what you will find, here are 2 examples:

Urban One, Inc., (formerly Radio One) together with its subsidiaries, operates as an urban-oriented multi-media company in the United States.

RLJ Lodging Trust is an independent equity real estate investment trust. The firm also manages real estate funds. It invests in the real estate markets of the United States...

A list of Black-Owned Businesses to invest in


Do you know what was the 1st black-owned publicly traded company?

Other references




Satina Williams

Johnson Products 1st AA company on American Stock Exchange (1971); BET 1st AA company on New York Stock Exchange (1991). Both eventually became private companies again.


What’s the stats of black, asia, hispano, white owned companies in US?


Johnson Co- George And Joan Johnson I believe black hair care products


Johnson Products

Paul Hicks

Good Guess!

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