Happy New Year! Welcome 2021

Welcome back, Black-owned.
Though you never left, this pandemic has left us stressed and some of our eyes roll when the ignorance of a country takes it toll.
How many of us still Stand,
Entrepreneurial booths of black truth sellers,
Some call it a brand
I call it the pursuit of the American Dream
If dreams are real, than why not ours?
Welcome Back, Black american Institutions dedicated to fully expressing our constitutions
And demands for change in the name of equality.
Welcome back black business Man, woman, child
Come out of the American wilds, and rebuild your lost kingdom on lands that were taken, never given and far from earned.
Welcome Back ancestral Human whose 3rd eye saw our eons before clipped connections. 
Call us home so that we may see a kingdom.
Come with us so that a new Era knows existential freedom.
Hello my Dream, my people, my Passion
And welcome back.
For aurorasoul.com LLC

Happy New Year!

Well what can I say? Sh!t really sucked for alot of us, am I right?

Some of us got tired of the 'suck' and made the best of good travel deals. Others locked down, with all manner of hidden truths to keep us company. I'm talking about you, Vaccine Metals and Aliens in our government.

Fact is, nothing hurt more than losing simple freedoms. Even the ability to grieve the ones we lost was compromised. Yup, we have experienced something definitive for the history books. Assuming we take Earth History to Mars with us. And by US I mean THEM. 

What defines the beginning of a new Era?

I've felt like there were several points in the last few years where a new 'era' has come into effect and on a small scale, each would be debatable.

If you have paid half attention to the flood of science and technology news during last year, you may have been shocked by many of the headlines. I don't blame you if most were missed by your daily scrolling routine. You know, with murder hornets and all. Yet when you hear about Fusion Reactor breakthroughs, new Organs being discovered, and Gen Editing applications, you may feel a surreal familiar deva ju. 

Yes, perhaps it is indeed a glitch in the simulation. I for one, blame cyberpunk anime.

Our reality is beginning to sound like Sci-fi Anime. Without the cool anti-heroes.

If by now you're wondering what the hell I'm getting on about, than you are indeed back on aurorasoul.com's blog. 

We need to take fuller advantage of cutting edge Reality. I'm not saying get a Tesla Chip implant, I'm just saying we need to educate ourselves on game changing innovations. Otherwise, our society could look a little Elysium'ish in our grandchildren's Era.



Here's to a New Year!

Mental, physical, spiritual health = evolve.

Education, Resources, Community = revolt.


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