WEBlynks Science Headline Special

Its been some time since I actually blogged about science on the shop page. the content creation doesn't stop, just my promo for it ;-D.

If you're new here, I create my version of lifestyle media content and apparel. That includes Science, Money and Art topics which I feel help to round out a better YOU and ME.

WEBlynks Science Briefs takes a look at trending and not so trending articles from the scientific and technological communities that focus on improving our lives while creating pathways to understand the broader nature of existence. 

 Currently on the program, I have been reviewing articles under the theme of Marvel's infinity stones. It was quite easy to find stories that fit into any of the six genres associated with the pop culture comic book icons, and I hope you enjoy the fascinating topics that often sound stranger than my favorite fiction.

Catch the 1st 3 episodes  below and check out my YOUTUBE channel to Subscribe and catch the rest of the series.





Check out part four; SPACE Here!

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