ANNOUNCING: WEBlynks Science Brief

A Science news show explaining what matters to you.


 With a name inspired by Beebe Steven Lynk and W. E. B. Du Bois,

 WEBlynks is dedicated to explaining which Science Headlines matter most to you!

Hosted by yours truly, My goal is to share the weekly enthusiam I gain from some of the science and tech updates I follow. 

 Here is a written example of how I will be reporting on and breaking down weekly science articles:



A drop in temperature

“Researchers examine the decline in average body temperature among healthy adults over the past two decades”


{Reporter/Commentator brief break down}

“98.6 Degrees is considered normal Healthy body temperature and scientists  aren't sure what the lower numbers mean quite yet.”


{Reporter/Commentator regards why this matters to YOU}


“What's implied for the future of the study is more temp tests for large population surveys. Perhaps instead of a temp standard, we will gauge our health across a range of a few degrees. Don't panic just yet if you're one degree lower but feel fine, it may just mean you are naturally cooler than the rest of us. ( but still get check out to be safe)”


As illustrated, my goal is to provide you with an introduction to and brief explaniation of how it may directly impact you or your future lifestyle.

 Stay tuned for WEBlynks Science Briefs! 

Celebrating Black histroy by highlight Black Scientist All month Long.



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