New technology for restore cell function in dead Pigs, and how to use magnets to get air

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In a first, researchers produce oxygen from magnets for space exploration

The new method could be the key to getting oxygen to Mars and beyond.
Loukia Papadopoulos

 I find this story incredibly interesting because its an example of how complexity, or lack there of, for a solution comes down to application. It feels like, who would have thought Magnets can help produce oxygen, yet when you read the science behind how it (kinda) works, it feels like it makes complete sense. 

'Lets tune a magnet to pull air molecules.'

Its little ingenious. 

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Technology restores cell, organ function in pigs after death

August 3, 2022
Yale University
Making the TitTok for this one was fun because I had a practical reason to think about zombies. This 'restorative tech' Called OrganEx, which is a version of its predecessor, BrainEx sounds like bleeding edge innovations that can improve the medical quality of life or reanimate corpses. 
you be the judge :-D
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