Stem Cells, Synthetic Embryos, and the future of human health.

Did you see our TikTok about a New 'Synthetic' embryo with brain and beating heart?


@weblynks New 'Synthetic' embryo with brain and beating heart #science#medicine#news #research#upgrade#briefs #embryo #labrats #UniversityofCambridge #stemcells ♬ original sound - Science Briefs


Well here is a related story. 

Apparently, this BioTech company, Renewal Bio, 'wants to use this science for organ tissue transplants that could solve infertility, genetic diseases, and issues related to old age.' -

This is already a sign that this type of industry is ready to innovate within the consumer market. 

Still, the biggest hurdle any industry dealing with Stem cells and human embryos will be the ethical challenges. How many parts of a human can you grow before it is consider mortal? 

The scientific breakthrough illustrates the ability to develop functional organs, ranging from a brain to a beating heart. Now if the intent is to grow kidneys, livers and other organs not philosophically associated with sentience and the experience of consciousness, than this doesn't sound too bad. However, harvesting from synthetic human embryos leads one to ponder what would happen if it 'came to term', assuming it could naturally do so once it has been synthetically induced. 




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