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URBAN Dollar

Navigating the Daily Hustle

We are proud to Officially announce:

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A show about financial growth for the daily worker whose trying to get ahead of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. 

It doesn't matter if you're an artist, entrepreneur or just someone who wants more out of life, but needs the money to get it; this show's for you!

Soon to be Featured on the OVEREAGER youtube channel, URBAN Dollar and its companion blog, "Side Hustle" will discuss several areas of Investing as well as financial literacy, banking, capitalism, and how to maximize money within your own community.

 If this sounds like something you that fits your current financial agenda, that join the movement and tune into URBAN Dollar -

 Coming this Fall.

Meanwhile, look out for our Side Hustle segments that will focus on smaller financial steps on the way to bigger Money dreams.

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