The Problem with Consumer tech, apps, and Integration.


Sometimes I can be pretty smart. Most times, sporadically I can be a complete moron. These instances can be brief however before I figure out the right solution or the right angle to come at a problem.  then we have those times where I buckle down, Focus intently on a solution, and apply my semi tech savviness acquired over years of learning and fiddling with applications for various reasons. only to still find myself spending hours trying to figure out why for the life of me I can't get a piece of software to actually work as intended.

if you consider yourself capable of following clear instructions and are familiar with traversing apps and technology meant to make some part of your personal or work routine a little easier but find the application in question to be more complicated then the situation you're trying to streamline; this article is for you!

Now as I take a breath and think, let me explain exactly what my issue is with some technological applications.


  1. Finding what you need.

  2. Is it compatible?

  3. If you get it to work does it work as expected or as you needed to?


Finding What You Need


In today's age, it really shouldn't be too hard to find what you need. Sometimes, you can even find things you don't need but end up having. So when it comes to a sincere need, you would think that with all the options out there, you should be able to find something. When this is not the case, it might be because the options can be overwhelming and actually unrelatable to what you need.

To put this in better context,  let us use my latest experience with using a notepad app that  Synchronizes to all your devices. Now what I want is an app I can use on my desktop and my phone that updates in real time and acts like sticky notes. Now, what I need is not only the desired function but as well as it being compatible with the devices I'm using.

Consider this, I'm using a Windows PC and an Android phone. Independently, I have some type of note app on both. The current ones that I do have on these devices are not compatible with each other. so I'm simply looking for something that would solve that problem. Doing your first search on each device will present you with your first curiosity; You will get different results for your inquiry. In some cases, the search may not even matter. Apps like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote often come preloaded on many devices.


Is It Compatible


But is it compatible with that MacBook Pro or Apple phone? this is of course assuming you don't maintain brand Integrity across all your Tech platforms. because honestly if you do, that cuts most of your issues in half. For the rest of us, We have to take the companies word in their product description stating that it is compatible across the platforms we need.

This brings me to Notezilla. I do not know why I could not get this one in particular app out of the half-dozen I recently tried to work. don't get me wrong - practically none of those other ones worked either. But Notezilla should have worked. It downloaded and synchronized on both devices properly. I was logged into a single account and required to make a password and to verify things.

No matter what I did, nothing was synchronized. The funny thing is, there were no signs of there being an error. As I took the time to check each folder in potential locations these files could update in, I started to realize something…


If you get it to Work does it Work as Expected or as you Needed to?


Not only can't I get it to work, but technically it won't even do what  I really wanted it to do if it did work. It doesn't work free for long, for starters, and it's a little more robust then I need. This being the case, it did offer the sticky note feature and even makes note (no pun intended) of the fact that this is a special feature that Differentiates it from competitors.

Sadly, none of this really matters because once again I don't know why I couldn't get it to work and I'm definitely not ruling out user error. Yet even at my most attentiveness, if I couldn't get something simple to work, -that's suppose to simplify my life and productivity- then maybe it defeats the purpose.

 Cover Photo by William Hook on Unsplash

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