Anti-social? or a Special kind of 'special'? how to not be Human most times. [take 1]


I need space.

literally, maybe five acres with a ranch house and plenty of land for my dreams to come first. 

I want space,

Enough to fill my time with liked hearts and minds, because while I lose mine, I want to be more than socially inconvenient. 

I wish I had my space,

ceilings higher than a quarter head more than the floor above that whales down on my growth like a seed suffocating in a closed casket.

I pray for space-

to find some peace from the presence of humans who consistently go against my grains of sanity.

Sanctuary please.

Greetings Bright Spirits!

Well this begins the reseparation of my fantasy- professional and personal - family life. 

My personal life with people is more difficult for me than comprehending cosmic matters. Humans are strangely more complicated to deal with compared to understanding the relationship between light and a blackhole. 

Cheers to me fully diving into my other worlds and bring back something beautiful for you to enjoy :-)


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