'Transmissions' Design and Theme notes.

'Messages from outer Worlds.'
About the Design
Hey Bright Spirits!
Thanks for stopping by to read this and learn more about the visions I try to express via my work.
'Transmissions' is the name for one of my current creative themes. As such, the work isn't limited to whatever I put on a T-shirt. For this concept, I'm exploring the idea of how society interprets the messages we receive, and from what sources. 
I also feel that the most significate expression of the heart and integrity of a society comes from women, especially mothers.
With the theme of 'transmissions' and the art inspired by it, I hope to expand on how we receive signs and signals, both physically and serendipitous. 
Sci Fi Elements
This theme is the last in a series that will eventually tie together thanks to a ton of un-release content I have for it.  
More updates to come as I release material based in this theme.
Check Back Soon!

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