Thoughts before I'm 40


I don't want to be known or remembered for my emotional instabilities. I want to be identified by my work. 

That's why I increasingly keep to myself socially, and I have clear rules about professional relationships, which I update when logically due.

My Work(s)

That's how I begin to understand and identify myself, while always attempting to manifest my own creative brilliance in a worthy way.  

I realized not too long ago that my work is bigger than me, and I have become an honored vessel for a quantum instance of seeing the full, deep and weirdly enticing beauty of Conscious Life it's self. What is Art, Scientific innovation, Music, athletes, what are any of our inspired endeavors worth if not a chance at bringing more into this existence by molding stardust into forms of near perfection. 

My emotions, like the earliest days of the industrial revolution; I can be Raw and rout with issues. Yet my attitude always faces the horizon of what more I can be.

By taking my good, bad, and ugly sides and channeling them into something holistic, helpful or beautiful, I feel MYSELF acknowledgement. 

It's a satisfaction from trusting that I  used what was granted and what was developed in a way that honors the inspiration behind whatever I do, and as long as what I do is of the Light. 

By my writing this, I honor the pursuit of my true feelings on the path of self- resolve.

With you reading this, you honor me and my experiences thus far. 

Thank you.


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